My Theory Is: Skinner Likes Dog Food

The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins
2 September
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I live in a bright baby blue house with a dark blue roof. We share a fence
with a Texaco and spend most nights outwardly hating its patrons who blare
their crappy music that rattles our windows. We've owned the Smurf house for
almost two years and have done so many repairs, with many more to come. It
is our creative outlet. It has caused many hardships for our wallets, but
we're making it ours. ♥

My fellow works full time and provides the roof over our heads. He is my
everything, and we are at 5 years strong. I want to spend the rest of my
life with him. He is a gamer, he's heavily tattooed with the most tasteful
ink you will ever see, he is an artist, his favorite food is soup, and he
has sexy green eyes. <3

We adopted a dog called Apollo who is a corgi/golden retriever mix. He
turns heads. He's adorable. We call him our [silly descriptive adjective]
McGoggins. He's almost 5 years old and the closest thing we'll ever have to a
child. He loves his squeaky platypus and turtle and loves to have his
little legs nibbled on by his BFF Jake.

I'm also a travel enthusiast. In my 28 years, I've done a lot of
domestic and a bit of international travel and I'm always craving
more. More culture, more exposure, more everything. If I didn't
have my travel adventures under my belt, I think I'd be an even
more dull person. I would very much like my next expedition to be
to Wales (where I am a bit of a poor man's celebrity).